Why Mobile?
Mobile devices are fast surpassing computers as the primary means of accessing the Internet. 20% of all Internet traffic is expected to come from mobile devices by the end of 2013 and 18% of traffic to fundraising and donations pages already comes from a mobile device like smartphones or tablets. At that moment they are beyond high quality potential leads, they are people needing your service! Give them a mobile experience they'll remember. 

They want to call you, they want to email you, they want directions to visit your locations and events. Give them what they want in an easy to use format that'll reap the rewards. 56% of all Americans are now smartphone adopters and if you don't give them an enjoyable experience on mobile, they'll move on and you'll have wasted the time and effort you spent developing a Web presence in the first place.

Your customers are on their smartphones looking to contact, visit and generate revenue for you. 23% of smartphone users have made a purchase on their phone at some point— don't confuse or lose them with a website that does not work on their phones, or is so cluttered that they can't reach the information they are looking for. Along with format you need to align the visual system to reflect who you are. 61% of smartphone adopters say they have a more favorable opinion of brands that offer a good mobile experience.

How We Can Help

Flare Code offers sites that can be made so simply, quickly and in a flexible, affordable fashion that we build mobile website profiles for every member, location, an event you have. We also provide authorship for you to create an unlimited number of sites for your own organizational memberships. Building Flare Code sites takes only minutes. Give us a call and we'll walk you through the process of selecting from the many tools we've developed to show you how to get the most out of them— such as importing content already published online, creating new content that's easy as pie to manage, and adding customer-conversion tools like maps, direct-dialing features, surveys and more. The software is highly customizable, and easy to use. You don't need to have any website-creation experience to use Flare Code. Our simple 3-step creation process will allow you to create a beautiful mobile website, save it as a template and replicate endlessly. Learn more by checking out our FAQ page in the menu. 

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Flare Code makes a priority of maintaining a close relationship with our customers. The first step in that process is a free consultation to identify areas where our software can help generate revenue for you or your member businesses. We'll make your first Flare Code mobile website for you for free. Schedule a consultation with our creative lead and marketing expert Anthony Mannira.