What is Flare Code?

This page is a Flare Code. More specifically, this page is an example of a high quality mobile webpage that can be created rapidly using the software on Flarecode.com. We call these pages "Flare Codes," because of the QR code which is automatically generated when pages are created. If your viewing this site from a Desktop, you can see the unique QR on the top right corner of this page. To the right of the QR code there's a button titled "Mobile View". By clicking that button on the page will reveal how the site looks when accessed from any smartphone. Flare Code websites can be replicated endlessly using our template feature, creating a unique URL (and QR Code) for each new site built. Print each sites URL and QR code once and the site is forever editable. 

How Are Flare Code Pages Made?

A simple 3-part process: 

1) Click "New Flare," add a title and description for your new page. 

2) Add Content using our tools for importing twitter feeds, youtube playlists, blog feeds and much more. We call these widgets. 

3) Customize the look of your site using our design options found under flare settings, and publicize it using QR codes. We also provide a javascript redirect code that can be added to your existing website's homepage and it will automatically redirect mobile users to your new mobile-optimized Flare Code page. 

What is Flare Code Premier?

Our Premier option allows organizations and businesses to license our entire suite of software and create unlimited mobile sites. Premier customers are also provided with our own expertise on the technology, marketing and communications to spread content more effectively. Our purpose is to help drive fundraising and awareness while increasing audience engagement with your current content. Along with access to the full-suite, Flare Code Premier offers certification as an official resale partner of Flare Code mobile websites to their personal members, audiences, and other businesses.

How We Help Your Organization?

Our Theory On Mobile.

Why Create Endless Amounts of Sites?

The emergence of technology in the palm of ours hands that connects us to everything has changed our habits, our culture and our processes of thinking. We find others who are similar to us miles and miles away but we feel close. Sharing like-minded interests allows us to make relationships more easily and the rapid state at which smartphones and the Internet are evolving provide unique opportunities for us all to invest ourselves into exactly the niche that we want. Negative enticements come easy in this scenario but if we can facilitate this obvious pattern of habit with good then we can swiftly upgrade the level of education and grow stronger the identity of collective nourishment within all divisions of society. Most important of all is to use these portable connections to the world in ways that add value to our immediate surroundings. For they are our way of visualizing the hidden energy that makes us all human and for that we should be insisting that they improve our daily conversations to help our local ecosystem grow and in turn produce a healthier world.